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Fans of Porn, Activate Orgasm!

About a month ago, Little Rabbit introduced me to Forever be thankful to the Bunny. It's a really hot sight if you like to watch naked, ordinary people on their webcams performing. It's got men, women and couples. You watch them, but they don't hafto watch you. If you sign in, you can chat with the exhibitionist of your choice.

There are tons of sexy folks from Italy, Spain, Turkey. It's got a high concentration of people from the Mediterranean, but I'm not complaining about that. If you like to get off online, check it out.

Hey Only Children!

When was the last time you left a party feeling completely comfortable with your social skills? I swear, everytime I hang out with a group of people larger than 3, I end up feeling like I'm a little bit retarded. Just a little bit off. Of course, as many of you other singletons will admit, part of that comes from realizing that through most of the conversation I've been thinking myself superior to everyone around me. So for a while, I think I'm better and then upon reflection I think "Holy caca, I'm dysfunctional." Is there a pill we can take for this see saw effect? Like an only child syndrome pill?


Rick Keller's "Black Man in the White House"

Presented by Groove Junkies, this jam's hittin my groovefeet. Turn up the volume and watch out for my favorite verse:
Rosa sat so Martin could walk
And Martin walked so Barak could run
And Barak ran so that children could fly
Now fly, children, fly.

Put it on a platter and serve:


You know you're in a recession when...

...your upstairs neighbor is drunk Friday, Saturday and Sunday and screams at the landlord about the temperature in his apartment and slams his apartment door repeatedly and concludes his tantrum by playing Get Up, Stand Up by Bob Marley at a floor-shaking volume and the police shows up.

When a belligerent drunk with chilly feet thinks he's being oppressed and must stand up for his rights, it's a sure sign of recession. If he winds up making buttons and T-shirts to further his cause, then it means we're in a full blown depression. I'll keep you posted.


Wurk it out with Fedde le Grand

I'm only 32, I'm not ancient, but sometimes I feel the years, especially if I'm at a club or bar filled with 20-somethings. Anyway, maybe that's why I only discovered Fedde le Grand back in May: because I'm now officially behind the times.

In an effort to bring out the kid in us, here are some vids for you. Turn up the volume, cut a rug--don't be shy! You know you love dancing in yr underwear when no one's go for it babies. Bring the diva out!

My new boyfriend is in this vid. I should share it with my friend Nandita over at Indians for Male Shirtlessness.

And finally, the creeps. You know you get the creeps. Dance 'em out, honies!



I've been seeing an Ayurvedic practitioner for the last 3 months and I highly recommend it.

Long story short: After 6 months dealing with recurring diarrhea and not sleeping well because of the churning in my stomach, I decided it was time to try alternative medicine. Ayurveda seemed a natural fit because it's based on what you eat and it uses herbs and spices to balance your body.

Within the first 2 weeks of following my prescribed dietary regimen, my stomach turned into happyland and I started sleeping like never before. My practitioner prescribed herbal supplements that she gets from India. They are...well...they're not my favorite part and you can get a huge benefit just from following a customized Ayurvedic diet without having to take the supplements, but I'm gonna keep going with the herbs for at least another month. The thing is, they're stinky. Also, unlike western medicine, you don't immediately feel an effect. So, it's like you're swallowing these stinky pills all day, watching your body progress at a snail's pace. But they DO work.

If you're a Cubanito like me, you probably grew up drinking all kinds of medicinal concoctions made from leaves and roots growing in your backyard pharmacy, so the idea of using plants and spices and food as holistic medicine is not that farfetched to you. If you're a gringo, you're probably like, "what kind of witchcraft is this?"

Anyway, if you've ever wondered about holistic medicine, I highly recommend looking into Ayurveda. It's done wonders for my stomach and my sleeping.

Governor Paterson

And finally, Governor Paterson's plan to slash social services and increase tuition at state schools in order to patch up New York State's big ass deficit did not pass. That's good news...but there's still a big ass deficit to fill. Paterson was unwilling to tax the wealthy, and while I whole heartedly disagree with his stance, it's unclear how his plan's opponents in Albany feel about taxing themselves, er, the wealthy. At least, it was unclear to me from the NY Times article that reported this news. If I had time while at my day job to dig around for more information, I would.

That's all.


The Pissiness Continues

The NY Times, reporting on the states' budget defecit crisis, has this to say about New York Governor David Paterson:
in New York, Mr. Paterson, a Democrat, has proposed $5.2 billion worth of savings, principally cuts to Medicaid and education.

How does that sound to you, fellow New Yorkers? Doesn't that piss you off?


In the words of Angie Stone, I'm "So Pissed Off."

We've all been hearing about how states are running into crippling defecits and many states are considering increasing taxes and/or cuts in spending. Reading about this issue in relation to New York, I came across a disturbing quotation from Governor Patterson of New York:

[T]he higher we tax even the wealthy, the more we lose population and the less job creation there is. We're pretty resigned to the fact that we're going to have to do this with spending cuts.

So basically Governor Patterson wants to lend a hand to rich people by making life tougher for middle- and low- income families who depend on state services. After all, he doesn't wanna backstab his golden friends. This Democrat sounds like a Republican, implying that a "trickle down" theory of social justice is better than a few annoyed millionaires. Meanwhile, we folk at the bottom are paying the bill for Paterson's McCain/Bush-inspired economic bailout. Can we impeach him, please?

SOURCE: Wall Street Journal.


Luis Carlos de la Lombana

This guy is starring as Segismundo in Repertorio Español's La vida es sueño:

Oh my lord. He is a very sexy individual. And he's in a play I like. And I do speak the Spanish...I bet he's straight, so I'm not gonna start stalking him (I only spy on the gays), but we must take a moment of silence today to admire this handsome man.

This way, Segismundo, to safety!

Crucifixion got you down? Yes? Then let me take you out to dinner.