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We're moving again

And if I hafto look at another apartment in this cluttered town
I'll buy a truckload of carboard and fuck all
I'll build a luxury cardboard condo on the Jersey shore
And I'll have cardboard floors and cardboard walls
A cardboard car for getting to and fro
A cardboard lover and a cardboard bed
And we'll make cardboard love, oh yeah

And OH, I hope I remember to bring lotion for the chaffing
And OH, my cardboard lover, wet with affection, will flop on the cardboard floor
Lovemaking will break him
Salt water will spray on my cardboard walls
And my cardboard bed
My condo will fall
And I'll realize maybe finally at last, I hope
That when life gets ridiculous I get more ridiculous than life


I have doubts

I don't think anyone should vote just based on their sexual identity. In other words, a candidate's standing on queer rights issues is important to me, but it's not the only thing that's important. Neither Hillary nor Obama do it for me in terms of their relationship to the queer community. Both lack a strong commitment to us. They rub elbows with people who hate us, etc. So I have my doubts when it comes to this issue as to who I think would be the better Democratic nominee. Still, I--aw fuck it, just watch the video below:

Tina Fey is my new girlfriend, by the way. She and I and Johnny Dep had an orgy at Lucy Liu's house. Yum.


Sacrifice:In absolutely no way whatsoever has my mother learned to love herself.

A hen will eat less, sit more, and brace herself against weather in order to keep her eggs warm. Eventually, she teaches her chicks to scratch the soil and peck for bugs; to roost at night in high branches, away from foxes; to screech when they spot trouble; to huddle when it's cold. She teaches them to survive and then lets them go so she can tend a new brood.

If human mothers spent their lives raising new babies, would their children have better survival skills? Any Mormons care to comment?

If one has a chance to study the effect of a mother with genuine self-love, one can see that there is nothing more conducive to giving a child the experience of what love, joy, and happiness are than being loved by a mother who loves herself.

--Erich Fromm, "Selfishness, Self-love, and Self-interest," 1958

Self sacrifice is not the foundation for happiness. Altruism is. Altruism begins with the self. Easily confused with selfishness, true altruism embraces all living creatures and their homes. The true altruist is unattached to results and therefore cannot be selfish.


Pig Brains

As if there weren't enough reasons to avoid the pork industry...

The New York Times has reported on a new neurological disease that's afflicting pork factory workers who handle the pig brains. Symptoms include fatigue and numbness in the legs.

What happens is that people working at the head table (that's the table where they strip the brains out of the pig heads and pack the brains up for shipment to China and the deep American south) these people were using a method that exposed them to large amounts of particulate brain matter, which then triggered an immune response in their bodies. Their bodies were recognizing the pig brain particulates as foreign bodies. The immune system destroys foreign bodies by creating antibodies. The problem is that pig brains have a lot in common with people brains, so the workers' antibodies started attacking their own brains, leading to neurological problems. Ugh.

My favorite paragraph from the article:
The person blowing brains was separated from the other workers by a plexiglass shield that had enough space under it to allow the heads to ride through on a conveyor belt. There was also enough space for brain tissue to splatter nearby employees.

Source: The New York Times, article is here.