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There's a Black Man in the White House, and there's a...

...woman and an Asian man and a Black woman and there's all kinds now. Obama wants Carol M. Browner for a climate post, Steven Chu, a Nobel Prize-winning physicist, for energy secretary and Lisa P. Jackson, a New Jersey official, to head the E.P.A.

I know skin color proves nothing, but damn it feels good to see faces in power that I recognize. Don't get me wrong, I've never met any of these people, but when I open up the paper and am like, "oh, those people look like a slice of my social life," it's just satisfying. I'm glad that not every person Obama has appointed is an old white man, and I'm a little scared to say that because I don't wanna offend the old white men that read my blog. I also do not wanna offend the people who read my blog who love old white men.

Old white men are great. They have taught us all how to use and keep power, and that's important. Some old white men, like Jim Henson, even taught us to share things, like love and puppets, and if you combine using power with sharing, then you learn to share power. And that's super important, too. Yayyyyyy!


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