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Adolf Hitler Campbell

A mommy and a daddy in America had a little boy and decided to name him Adolf Hitler Campbell. Life is hard for them because sometimes people don't wanna write the kid's name on birthday cakes. Imagine you're working at Carvell and a cute little boy is having a birthday and his name is Osama Bin Laden Woodcuff and you have been asked to write his name on the cake. If you do it, then the cake will end up exploding and demolishing a tall building. If you don't, then you're a biggot and you're no better than Dick Cheney.

This story is totally inspiring. Like, I think that my bf and I should name our future kids Coretta Scott King Barreto and Jesus Christ Pamatmat.

Like, wow. Like totally.

Oh and the other great thing about this family is that one of their other kids is named Aryan Race. Oh yeah. They are SO political. Those kids are gonna have so much fun growing up with those names. They will be loved by all.*

*this statement has not been reviewed by jews, blacks, latinos, native americans, asians, and smart whites; guarantee of love not included.


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