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The sucky thing about HEROES last night (spoiler alert!) how I don't care about Syler's mommy-daddy issues because they haven't given us enough info. Syler's just going around acting bonkers. First he's good, then he's in love, then he's evil and in love, now he's just evil and full of anger. He's like a more destructive version of me in my mid-twenties, and that's just annoying. If I don't know specifics of how they "made him," of his suffering, then how can I care? I can't and don't. But I hope he kills all the characters I hate first.

The other sucky thing is they always kill the black men. Always. Except it seems the African guy with the power to see the future is still alive. Is the Haitian alive?

What's not sucky is how Hiro and Ando are like this black hole of comedy. Like, any character that ends up in a scene with them gets sucked into a clowny land. I mean, when Hiro bowed respectfully before punching Freezy Blond in the face? And then she topples backward like a totem pole? That was funny. That character will never be funny again unless she's in a room with Hiro or Ando.

Hiro and Ando are the best. The whole show could use more of their kind of light-heartedness. It's all so serious, the stakes are always so high--save mankind or die, and spend all the time in between mulling over tough problems. I mean, that's okay. Sometimes the stakes are high. That's life right? We're all trying to survive on our path towards inevitable death, but there's no reason we can't crack a joke here and then, or trip on a banana peel, or fart or whatever.

Please make someone rip out Mohinder's vocal cords. Please. I hate his narrations: poetry, beauty, meaning meaning meaning--shut up!


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