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Looking for a Good Time?

Are you ready? This is Bearforce 1. Okay, I KNOW they need help with the group choreography, but I am TOTALLY volunteering to become the screaming faggot in the front row of their bandwagon. AND I wanna be a back-up dancer. I'm hot and hairy so they better take note.

Enough about my wonderfulness, here they are. I hope fastlad comments.


Dandelion Stars

If I'm in tune with my breath while I'm masturbating, my spirit swells to the edges of the universe and then gathers back into my body.

Then my eyes role to the back of my head I feel myself expand out from the crown of my head past the solar system, beyond the universe, beyond the beyond and I see the golden circles of dandelion stars making a yellow sky for me where I fly.

Yellow is the color of divine.


Quotable of the Day: The Question

On the 7 train this morning:

He puffed out his muscled chest and asked "What came first, the chicken or the egg?"

She held onto the silver pole and started to shake her head before blurting out in desperation, "I don't know I don't know I DON'T KNOW!"

Cliché that drives us mad. The common question that floats around unanswered because, we would rather believe, it has no answer, and attempting to find one leads to much anxiety.

How can we have world peace?
Why are we here?
Is there a God?
If a tree falls and there's no one around to hear it...

Quotable of the Day

On the 7 train last night:

"What's the difference between a boo, a boyfriend, and a husband?"

"Your boo is somebody you like."

"Then what's the difference between somebody you like and your boo? You like me, am I your boo?"


Favorite Quotable Today

From Joel Osteen's upcoming book, Become A Better You:

"[..]deep inside, I have the seed of Almighty God in me."




Okay, this isn't a porn site, but I do talk about sex all the time and I couldn't resist. This guy, known as jo420, should do porn. The kind you sell not the kind you post freely on the web. Maybe he could direct porn. These shots are set up really well. Notice how he is always automatically in the frame whenever he sits back in his chair. That's a carefully positioned seat. Oh, and I don't find cigarettes sexy per se, but if cigarette ads were this hot, I'd be sucking a camel light right now. I'm hoping Ashton Cruz picks this vid up so jo420 can get the kind of attention he deserves.

If the vid doesn't load, you can also watch it here.



I do good creative work soon after masturbating. I do my BEST writing soon after fucking myself silly with a dildo.

In an interview of Maria Irene Fornés (which I read while in grad school, so don't ask me now to cite the source please) she suggests a ritual prior to writing and masturbation is among the list of possibilities. So I'm not alone. My cubanita and I realize orgasm is a creative lubricant.

Mechanical Animal

It's not that he can't speak English, it's that the English that he knows is all mechanical jargon. Like, he can't tell you what he had for lunch yesterday, but he's aces when it comes to gaskets and pistons. My dad knows all the nouns relating to refrigeration and automobile engines. He doesn't, however, grasp the purpose of verbs that don't screw, weld, grind, or cut. And the most important adjectives are either quick or slow (sometimes broken). In English he can order parts for an air conditioner over the phone, but the mechanics of a sentence are beyond his reach.

And like a family of cogs set in motion, he repeats: on the phone we compare the weather in Miami to the weather in New York, then we discuss corrupt government officials, then we tie it all together by ranting about climate change. Each and every conversation we have has this structure. But no two are exactly the same. In the world of efficient and precise machinery, then, we're broken and inconsistent. I wouldn't trade it fer nothin'.