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Fart on the Pope

So I've pasted a whole article from the Guardian online by Tom Kington and Riazat Butt titled "Pope urges defence of heterosexuality". My comments are in the brackets. Let me preface this by saying:



The pope has sparked controversy by saying defending heterosexuality is as important as saving the world's rainforests from destruction. [there are MORE heterosexuals now living than ever before in the history of mankind. How exactly are homos endagering heteros? How? Heteros have all the money, the power, the guns!!!]

Speaking in a holiday address [spreading cheer] to the Curia, the Vatican's central administration, Benedict said yesterday the church viewed the distinction between men and women as central to human nature, and "asks that this order, set down by creation, be respected".

The church, he said, "should protect man from the destruction of himself. A sort of ecology of man was needed, he said," adding: "The tropical forests do deserve our protection; but man, as a creature, does not deserve any less." [I just hope every vatican-abiding catholic out there does their duty and breeds. PLEASE, breed yourselves ad infinitum, hyper-populate the cities you live in, WE NEED MORE PEOPLE on this planet. Seriously. Don't stop until every square inch of the globe is paved over and covered by heterosexual catholics. Only then will mankind be safe.]

Benedict focused his attack on what he described as "gender" theories, "which lead towards the definitive emancipation of man from creation and the creator".

Homosexual groups in Italy called the speech an unfounded attack on homosexuality and, more specifically, on people who undergo sex changes. "What keeps the pope awake at night is the idea that human beings might be able to seek out their own sexual identity in a bid to have a happy life," said Franco Grillini, head of Gaynet.[an organization that fishes for gays]

"The speech has no scientific basis," [no shit] said Aurelio Mancuso, head of Arcigay. "A divine programme for men and women is out of line with nature, where the roles are not so clear."

The Catholic church teaches that while homosexuality is not sinful, homosexual acts are. [but heterosexual acts such as homophobia and persecution of queers AREN'T]It opposes gay marriage, and in October a leading Vatican official called homosexuality "a deviation, an irregularity, a wound". [yup, queer people ARE wounded, we are fucking bleeding over here and who is holding the sanctimonious knife? Breeders like El Papa in Cuckooland]

Father Federico Lombardi, a Vatican spokesman, said today that the pope had not wished specifically to attack homosexuality [Pope just wanted to GENERALLY attack homosexuality] or sex change operations in his speech. "He was speaking more generally about gender theories [Which gender theorist's work is he mad about? Judith Butler's? Jacques Lacan's? Julia Kristeva's? Show me his reading list, damnit!] which overlook the fundamental difference in creation between men and women and focus instead on the role of cultural conditioning," he said.

Mike Egan, chair of the Lesbian and Gay Christian Movement, said: "It's all part of a fundamental mistake, to say that there's something abnormal about homosexuality. It's like being left-handed. There are much greater threats to marriage and family life. [yeah, like McDonalds. McDonalds makes you fat and then your wife leaves you and your family thinks yr ugly. McDonalds is the devil.]

"There are people among bishops and clergy who think the official line on homosexuality is not true and the more official pronouncements there are, the deeper the hole the church is digging for itself. I would say to gay Catholics, the man is right on lots of other things and hang on in there."[hang on in there? Is this the best you can do, bitch? I'll remember that next time a christian is waving a God Hates Fags sign at the funeral of a kid beaten to death for being gay]

Catholic bishops in England and Wales are encouraging a more pastoral approach to homosexuals.[pastoral? Like with lambs and dwarves and fields of flowers?!] Last month they issued a leaflet [leaflets aren't pastoral] urging clergy and parishioners to welcome and respectful of gay men and lesbians. Its reading list did not include Vatican statements and omitted papal documents denouncing homosexuality.

The leaflet was called, "What is life like if you or someone in your family is gay or lesbian in their sexual orientation? ... and what can your parish family do to make a difference?" It acknowledged the "oppression" suffered by homosexuals.[This anti-homophobia leaflet is just a step, though, there's gonna be a newsletter, a YayGay jingle and a limited edition collectors plate to hang on yr gay wall!]

"As a group that has suffered more than its share of oppression and contempt, the homosexual community has a particular claim on the concern of the church," it said.

The leaflet cited comments received during a survey suggesting that the church acknowledged it may have played a role in victimising and marginalising gay and lesbian Catholics. These included: "The continual message from the church is that homosexuality is so, so dreadful. Our gay son just hasn't stood a chance"; and, "My brother is gay; the church has been very intolerant of him."

If you wanna read the original article without commentary, here it is.


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