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You know you're in a recession when...

Let's play a game. All you need to do is fill in the blank. I'll go first:

You know you're in a recession when...someone's fancy new car on your Queens, New York street is sitting on cinder blocks at 7AM and the tires have been stolen.

What's going on in YOUR neighborhood?


Anonymous Nadia Anwar Dodd said...

In my neighborhood,I am getting ready for my daughter's first birthday. I hope you are the Alex I am thinking of. Tell me you once drove a Barreta.

2:39 PM

Anonymous Brenda said...

I'll play, I'll play! Let's see what's happening in my neighborhood.

Ah, here's a good one:

You know you're in a recession when someone drives off with 800 gallons of gas from a local gas station.

...Though you think someone would have noticed sooner. Hmm.

(Hi btw. Nadi said you probably wouldn't mind if I scribbled on your blog. Feel free to scribble on mine! =D )


4:01 PM


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