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Less Great Lakes

Last week I posted about the drought in the south and how it's shrinking Lake Lanier, the principle water source for metro Atlanta, which has about 3 months of drinking water left. Buy stock in Evian NOW!

The Great Lakes, no surprise, are also shrinking. The culprit? You guessed it: drought. Less rain AND less snow affects the water levels in all the Great Lakes. In turn, lower water levels increase the cost of commerce. Cargo ships navigating through the lakes have had to reduce the amount of cargo they carry or risk getting their bottoms stuck in the muck. Each individual ship carries less, so MORE ships are being added in order to carry the leftover cargo. At the end of the day, consumers will be paying for the extra shipping costs.

It's not just mother nature, people, it's us. There's too many of us, draining too much water, and causing too much damage to the climate system. Fight for change: buy local products made close to home and of course, VOTE for candidates who, unlike Mr. Bush Baby, give a shit about our natural resources.

Source: New York Times online


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