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This Land Is Your Land, But Not Your land

As a little follow up to my post yesterday, here's more to think on in regards to legal and illegal immigration.

Apparently it's illegal to fly a foreign flag above an American one on a flagpole. So this bar owner in Reno, Nevada broke the law (probably unknowingly), by flying a Mexican flag on top. A vet decided to tear down the Mexican flag and conflict ensued. The best part about this article are the comments, and I've excerpted a couple in case you don't have time to click the link. The shocking thing is how much everyone's harping on the fact that this guy is latino, even though according to the news source he's a lawful US citizen. Which just goes to show how prejudiced the commentators are. Read on...

I was so happy that someone finally decided to stand up for Americans. The way the hispanic community disgraces our flag is horrible.

Next time they decide to march at the federal building make sure immigation is there, because it's only the illegals that demonstrate.

I would love to meet that guy and shake his hand. God Bless Him.

Rebecca Walker, Reno

Not that she's generalizing or anything. No. Hispanics disgrace our flag and our flag is so representative of who we are as a people that if it gets placed beneath another flag we'll be destroyed. Gimme a fucking break. I smell such a witch hunt brewing because white gringos are getting antsy that they're getting outnumbered. Not that there isn't truth to the problems in overpopulation that an influx of immigrants helps create; but don't we have better things to accomplish than ensuring proper placement of a single flag in Reno? Are we THAT enslaved to symbolism?

Here's another goodie:

I support the veteran who removed the American flag with his knife.

They don't deserve to get it back after illegally placing the Mexican flag above ours. If charges are brought against the veteran for theft, I anticipate a firestorm of protest.

This is disgraceful!

Ralph Weir, Carson City

Source: Channel 4


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