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Chertoff says Immigrants are DIRTY!

According to Homeland Security Chief, Michael Chertoff, illegal immigrants crossing the US border with Mexico are an environmental nuisance, much dirtier and damaging than the hundreds of miles of fencing his agency is having put up between America and Mexico. Immigrants may be environmentally bad, but Hummers aren't, which is why we should park thousands of hummers in Mexico so that illegals can drive over here safely and in an environmentally sound manner. Then they can leave their Pepsi cans, Poland Spring water bottles, and empty Dorito bags in the hermetic safety of their vehicles instead of littered along our desert.

In all seriousness, he points out that people crossing litter the desert with bottles, cans, clothes, plastics, pee pee, and caca. OH MY! First of all, he should visit any one of our national parks and he'll see much of the same. Second of all, he's using this argument to support "The Fence." Probably he hopes that liberal-minded folks who oppose the fence will buy into his pseudo-environmentalist argument.

It seems Americans have begun hunting illegal immigrants. I predict the witch hunt will get alot worse, especially if the economy busts from increased oil costs and/or climate change starts taking a bigger toll. Illegal immigrants have become America's scapegoat.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

We should be hunting Illegals like wild animals that breed out of control, break any law they wish, and shit on the rest of the country.

Leftist sissies like yourself could care less. Perhaps we could keep the scuzzy third world mexicans, and deport all you shitbag leftists that work to destroy this country.

10:28 AM

Blogger rey said...

WOW - this is simultaneously frightening and hilarious.

Because hunting people as though they were animals isn't illegal. Isn't that even more illegal than crossing a border?

And how is it that you writing about penetrating deeper into a lie played for politics makes you scuzzy? Isn't murder more scuzzy? Isn't rounding up leftists and deporting them for their ideas (a.k.a. denying free speech) even more illegal, scuzzy, and unconstitutional?

I think anonymous needs to re-examine his unexamined life. Or just shut up.

8:12 AM

Anonymous ndngirlntx said...

i'm so disgusted by what alot of people think and with the U.S. in general! people talk shit and say illegal immigrants shouldn't be here and they cause alot of problems. that may be true about SOME OF THEM, but not all of them! don't judge them all by a few bad apples. my fiance is not from here and he's the sweetest, nicest, LAW-ABIDING man i've ever met. he's not like other guys. people can't control where they were born or what country they're from. and all you shit-talking people would do the EXACT SAME THING if you weren't from here: you'd try to come here to work, send money to your family & make a better life for yourself! WHY THE HELL'S THAT A CRIME??!! people are people, and the illegal immigrants work all the shit jobs, the low-paying jobs that alot of americans wouldn't stoop to do! and you talk shit, saying they take the jobs here, when you wouldn't take the job in the first place! so you need to shut up and really think about what you'd do, if you were one of them!

9:15 AM


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