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Tremenda Fletera (a.k.a Skeeza)

Yo, this takes me back to my high school days in Miami in the early 1990's. Mellow Man Ace's Mentirosa. Alaba'o, man--I can't believe I didn't find this on Youtube sooner. And just so you know, it's SO Miami. It's got Spanglish galore (yup, I used to talk like that, mixing words here and there) and it's got telenovela drama.

Have a listen. You should listen all the way para que puedas agarrar what the lady says.

Cojanlo suave, people.


Blogger EL_CRIS_al_100 said...

tremenda fletera mami!

"mucho que fletera, that's a straight skeezer!" ha!

hilarious, brings back memories (and I'm from south central L.A.)

3:45 PM

Blogger EL_CRIS_al_100 said...

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3:47 PM


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