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Layered Cake

My forearms were numb and my back throbbed from hours of moving furniture. I was driving mama and dad to their new house. The sun had set a long time ago and the red brick buildings cast dark green shadows in opposition to streetlamps. They weren’t bickering, but that’s because they were tired. I was surprised they’d decided to move back in together, but it made sense. They’re old. They need to not be alone. And they know each other’s aggravating qualities.

When we got to the house mama noted how purple one of the walls was. She didn’t like it at all because purple is aunt Haydée’s color.

“it’s not the color I would have chosen. And the house is not as good as you said it was,” mama complained, forgetting that she’d picked the house; I simply recommended it. She forgot, too, that she asked me to pick the colors for the walls.

“You always jump into things, Alex” My mouth dropped. “I can’t believe you thought I would like this.” She had made the decision to move in with my dad but now somehow it was all my fault. I couldn’t be bothered to engage her. Instead I thought this will make great blogging material, but then I realized I was dreaming. Still, the dream made a great story.

When our friends Morry and Dennis moved, we went to their house warming. Two trains and a long bus ride through some narrow cobblestone streets got us there at last. The buildings in their neighborhood are all brightly colored, even on an overcast winter day.

Several drinks into the party, a rich slice of chocolate cake sitting in a porcelain plate on my lap, I told everyone about the crazy dream I had where my parents move back in together and mama blames me for the decision she herself had made. I supposed the dream had something to do with Morry and Dennis’ move. As I recounted the story at the house warming, though, I realized I was still dreaming…and was telling them about another dream.

A dream about an unhappy couple moving within a dream about a couple celebrating a move. A long drive. Two trains. A long bus ride. Help me. The universe is folding in on itself.


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